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It’s all about our great historic city and what I and my office team are doing to help improve it, support it and resolve issues for constituents in distress whenever possible.

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Richard in Parliament
  • 23 Oct: Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Rail Passenger Journeys
    What recent estimate he has made of the change in the number of rail passenger journeys in each of the last three years.
  • 23 Oct: Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Rail Passenger Journeys
    The growth in the number of passengers on the railways is encouraging, particularly at Gloucester station, where figures have risen considerably higher than the national average. Does my right hon. Friend agree that the train companies have to play their part in providing extra capacity and that the 2006 decision by Arriva cross-country services to halve the number of trains stopping at...
  • 22 Oct: Hong Kong — [Mr Mike Weir in the Chair]
    The story that my hon. Friend is telling of his daughter working in Hong Kong, as one of almost 270,000 UK citizens there, reminds us of the enduring links between our country and that territory. Were he and his daughter surprised by the good nature, orderliness and above all peacefulness of that large demonstration a few weeks ago?
  • 22 Oct: Hong Kong — [Mr Mike Weir in the Chair]
    On that point, I am sure my hon. Friend, like the rest of us, is absolutely clear that there is nothing specifically in the joint declaration about the arrangements for these, or indeed any other, elections; it simply states that there shall be elections. The methodology is in the Basic Law, and it is entirely an issue for the Chinese and Hong Kong Governments. However, the Basic Law has been...
  • 22 Oct: Hong Kong — [Mr Mike Weir in the Chair]
    On that specific point, does my hon. Friend agree that we want to see things change not because we have an obsession with a particular democratic model but because a situation in which the current Chief Executive is known as 689, referring to the number of people who voted for him in the previous election, is unsatisfactory when there is a population of around 7 million? The better the...

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