Tax Credits

There are two types of tax credits and you may be eligible to claim either, or both, depending on your circumstances:

• Child tax Credit – for families with children.

• Working tax credits – for those in work whose income is below a certain level.

How much you get depends on your circumstances – you can use the tax credit calculator to work this out.

Changes to your circumstance

It is important to report any change to your circumstances whether those changes involve income, childcare, working hours and the number of people in a household – particularly if you begin living with a partner. Legally, you must report certain changes within one month of the date when the change happened. More information on the type of changes you should report can be found at

Renewing your tax credits

If you are already claiming tax credits you will receive an annual renewal pack each year between April and June. This will include the details HMRC already have from the previous year and will explain how to renew.

Do ensure that all the information about you is correct so that you aren’t at risk of either under or overpayment. You will have to pay any overpayments back to HMRC.

If you’re asked to renew your claim by completing an annual declaration – it is important to do this as soon as possible and not to leave it until the 31 July deadline.

More information can on Tax Credits can be found here