Time for a GP Surgery in Kingsway


I’ve long highlighted the importance of one of Gloucester’s most important infrastructure needs – a GP surgery in Kingsway – including with banners and a petition.

All the Conservative Quedgeley councillors and I agree this is the most important infrastructure need in Quedgeley. The Rosebank practice is right to describe their St James’s surgery in Quedgeley as completely over stretched. So a new surgery in Kingsway is vital both for residents there and also to relieve pressure on appointments at St James’s. I first discussed the issue with the head of the county’s NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) and then county councillor Jackie Hall in 2007.

During the Great Recession the problem was not enough people had moved into Kingsway. Since 2010 things have improved considerably, the numbers of residents have passed the trigger point for a new surgery and I’ve been nagging NHS England regularly about a new surgery. I’m delighted the NHS has now approved both the surgery and the funding for it.

I explained that the next steps are up to the practice and the developer. They need to agree on a site, reach commercial agreement and obtain planning approval. I’m in touch with all three parties, and believe there is no reason why a solution can’t be reached.

I’ve asked residents to sign a petition so the GP practice, developer and planners could see how important the speed of their decisions are. Ultimately there is a knock on impact across the city: if residents can’t get an appointment in Quedgeley they go to the Stroud Road surgery, or others, and we know how important getting quick GP appointments is to us all – and for the A&E department at our Hospital.

Progress on Kingsway surgery – Heads of Terms Agreed


I welcome the agreement on Heads of Terms between Rosebank Surgery and developers Robert Hitchins for a new GP surgery at Kingsway.

It’s a big step forward in a long journey, and the next stop is the agreement signing and then a planning application.

Meanwhile the GP practice is also in discussions with Gloucestershire County Council over a temporary surgery in the Waterwells Park and Ride, while the permanent site is being prepared. Again this will lead to a separate Heads of Terms agreement and planning application.

I am confident that city planners will look at both applications positively so that progress on additional health facilities in Kingsway now speeds up. Everyone will be pleased.