PRESS RELEASE: MP says Gloucester employment success has overtaken 130 other constituencies

According to City MP Richard Graham, Gloucester’s unemployment has fallen faster than 130 constituencies since June 2010.

“The figures show,” said Richard, “that not only are many more people are in work and many less people unemployed than in 2010, but also that we’ve risen from 253 to 383rd in the relative league table of unemployment by constituency”.

The MP highlighted that Gloucester has overtaken other cities like Bristol and Lancaster since 2010. “We were in the third quartile and now we’re firmly in the top half of the league. That’s where we want to be, and with cyber, manufacturing, retail and university growth alongside steady financial services, nuclear and health and care sectors at the moment Gloucester has a good spread of job opportunities.”

Richard added that with employment levels now at 40 year highs it was important to help the long term unemployed, including those with disabilities, into work.


The ranking is out of 650: the top rated constituency (number 650) indicates the lowest number of JSA and Universal Credit claimants meaning the lowest levels of unemployed.