Community Pharmacies

Richard Graham MP has written to NHS England to urge them to include Matson Pharmacy and Rowlands Pharmacy (Alvin Street) in a review that protects pharmacies in poorer areas.

The City MP reviewed both the new policy and specific proposals recently with Local Pharmaceutical Committee Chair Andrew Lane and Manager Andrew Kings from Lloyds Pharmacy in Abbeydale.

Richard said:

“We had a good discussion and in general I think the government’s proposals make economic sense – both saving money and upgrading pharmacies, while protecting several pharmacies in Gloucester either in poorer areas or far from others. But I would also like to see the pharmacies in Matson and Alvin Street protected through the Pharmacy Access Scheme, and have advised both pharmacies to apply to NHS England. Meanwhile I’ve written to the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England to highlight my concern about these two pharmacies.”

The Government Announcement

Following recent growth, 40% of pharmacies are now in clusters of three or more meaning that two-fifths of British pharmacies are within 10 minutes’ walk of 2 or more other pharmacies. The community pharmacy budget has also gone up by 40% over the last decade. Pharmacies currently receive between £23,278 and £25,100 per annum depending on the number of prescriptions just for being pharmacies.

There are 4 pharmacies already given ‘green’ or protected status in Gloucester, which get a guaranteed fixed NHS payment of about £2,900 a month in 2016/17 and about £1,500 a month in 2017/18. These are: Badham Pharmacy Kingsway, Lloyds Pharmacy Tuffley, Tuffley Pharmacy and Lloyds Pharmacy (Sainsbury’s) Barnett Way.

For more information on the pharmacy changes see: