Old Spots regeneration ‘on track’

Richard Graham and City Council Leader Paul James have said that real progress has been made on their regeneration hit list of city centre problem sites and buildings (‘Old Spots’) – and there is more good news to come.

Launched on Gloucester Day last September, the MP and city council leader highlighted several successes within six months:

The transformation of Clarence House into the now open Central Hotel: the progress on the new dementia home Park View on Southgate St: the completion of the sale of our former prison to City&Country Residential: the

exchange of contracts on Balers Quay: planning permission for new apartments in the former Job Centre in Southgate Street and an agreement to demolish Quayside and other buildings alongside the River Seven as part of the new £135 million master plan for Blackfriars.

Paul James said, “To have made so much progress after just six months is a reflection of both an improving economy and growing investor confidence in Gloucester.  There are further deals in the pipeline which we will announce when they come to fruition.  Some of the sites and buildings on our list are complex and will take some time to resolve, but the focus of having a hitlist is helpful and concentrates the minds of owners and developers.”

Richard Graham said “There’s been some real progress on some of the worst spots on the face of Gloucester in the last six months.

Be under no illusion – the devastations of the 60s and 70s will take a long time to erase, so there’s masses still to do, but six months on let’s celebrate some big steps in the right direction, and keep focused on those spots where more work is needed.

Investors are beginning to see Gloucester as a place where things happen, and that is important. It’s a mark of the city on the UP.”