ELECTION 2017 KEY ISSUES: Health, Education and Skills


We all want to give our Health Service more money. Only the Conservatives can credibly afford to do so, while making sure we never again have the scandals of the Mid Staffs Hospital cover up. Our NHS should be supported: and be accountable.

We will increase NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years, an increase in real funding per head of the population for every year of the Parliament. Funding has also gone up in Gloucestershire year on year since 2010.

We’ll introduce the first new Mental Health Bill for thirty years, and prioritise protecting the 140,000 staff in our NHS during EU negotiations.

We’ll invest in medical training for 1,500 students a year and upgrade primary care facilities and hospital buildings. The GRH has a capital expenditure bid in at the moment which would be one of my early projects to pursue if re-elected.

At the same time as treating anyone from anywhere who needs A&E treatment, we will recover the cost of medical treatment from people who are not resident in the UK and ensure no new NHS numbers are issued until eligibility has been verified.

In implementing the NHS England’s Five Year Forward View, we will support GPs to innovate and aim to ensure everyone can get routine weekend and evening appointments in their GP/nearby surgery by 2019.

And locally I will continue to volunteer every year in our Gloucestershire NHS, remembering always that they saved my life and look after four generations of my family.

Education and Skills

As the son and sister of teachers I know what a difference good teaching makes.

So I’m delighted we will give an additional £4 billion funding to education, and fine tune our Fair Funding Formula – which will help MANY schools in Gloucestershire – so that NO school will be worse off.

In my first term as your MP I was pleased to secure funding for the Gloucester Academy, which now has one of the county’s most respected Heads, and big facility improvements at many other schools since. I’ve also seen great improvements in local Ofsted ratings.

The Education Secretary supports my views on increasing both the number of local pupils and pupils on free school meals at our grammars.

There will be no more grammars in Gloucestershire but I am determined to bid successfully for a new Health University Technical College here in Gloucester – with the full support of all of our NHS Trusts and the University of Gloucestershire.

I committed in 2015 to help our University relocate their Business School here and develop accommodation in Blackfriars – both are happening for a September 2018 opening.

I also committed to helping our University offer nursing degrees and run a pilot scheme for nursing associates to home grow our skills and nurses.

In 2011 I was one of the first MPs to hire my own apprentice, and hosted many Jobs/Apprenticeship Fairs to push this – since 2010 we’ve had 7,000 new apprenticeship starts, the highest in the county.