IMPORTANT BLOG re: Citizen Newspaper coverage (26/01/2013)

Today’s article in The Citizen claims “MP said wearing high heels puts young women at risk of attack” and that I agreed with Joanne Lumley’s recent comments on this sensitive issue.

What I actually wrote to the reporter was:
‘Of course she [Joanna Lumley] is right to highlight the problem. A night out is about having fun without putting yourself at risk’.

I stick by these words. When asked more questions by the reporter I gave examples of things – including getting drunk or wearing clothes that are hard to run away in – that might increase rather than reduce risk for young women.

Encouraging a sensible approach to risk management in no way intimates ANY excuse for predatory behaviour, let alone rape, and I have asked The Citizen to clarify that and to apologise for claiming that I agreed with Ms Lumley’s views.
As the father of a 20 year old daughter I rightly have strong views both on the importance of risk management and the hideousness of rape. Let no reader be any doubt about BOTH, and not misled by a misleading article and inappropriate editorial.


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