Gloucester’s Exam Results and Jobs: More skills and more in work

Richard opening the Performing Arts building at the University of Gloucestershire with students

Richard opening the Performing Arts building at the University of Gloucestershire with students

We’ve now had A level and GCSE results, university applications – and all the usual photos of pupils jumping for joy. Were results up, down, or the same and how is that translating into jobs?

Nationally there was a real effort to avoid any grade inflation, but overall our local students have done very well and should be proud. There was good news at many schools – including record ever A level results for example at the Crypt.

With 424,000 students accepted into UK universities and colleges so far, there’s already been an increase of 3% in the numbers of undergraduates nationally, and an increase of 9% in applications to the University of Gloucestershire.

There were also more acceptances nationally for mature students and the gap between male and female undergraduates has reduced. Interestingly too – and contrary to what some claim – the proportion of English 18 year olds from the most disadvantaged backgrounds applying has gone up 7% since 2009.

At the same time many more school leavers are taking up apprenticeships – both Ribston and St Peters specifically referred to this in their comments on results – and the combination of more students taking up both undergraduate and apprenticeship opportunities should mean better skills levels, and in time higher paid jobs. Average wage levels are up 2.3% nationally so far this year.

Better results in exams from pupils all over Gloucester and an increase in jobs available has resulted in steadily improving youth unemployment figures (now nearly a quarter of what it was in 2012 at just 2.6%, see graph below).

This is all encouraging. Remember meanwhile if you haven’t yet got the University offer you want then make sure to read the UCAS advice on Clearing open until 20 September.

Also good apprenticeships are sometimes only marketed on employers’ websites, especially public services like the NHS. Glos Care Services in particular are hiring more and our Hospitals Trust has a big programme. Do check out the NHS careers websiteGlos Jobs, and the Gov.UK apprenticeship search engine.

There’s always more to be done which is why the move of our University’s Business School from Cheltenham to Gloucester, our bid for a new Gloucestershire Health University Technical College and a pilot training Nursing Associates programme through higher apprenticeships is good news.

Then there is Glos Engineering Training’s bid for funds to train more engineers for the food and beverage sector. What else do you think we could do more of to increase our skills, and therefore chances to get good jobs? Do let me know what you think about this at

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Youth unemployment rate in Gloucester (%)

Youth unemployment rate in Gloucester (%)