Gloucester overtakes 100 constituencies: our remarkable jobs story

The latest employment figures show 325,000 more people now in work than a year ago.

Businesses have created more than 3 million net new jobs nationally since 2010 or 1,000 jobs every day since the Conservatives were elected.

During this time Gloucester has created the second highest number of private sector jobs of any city in the UK and now has the third highest employment rate (ie % of population working) in the country (source: Centre for Cities and House of Commons Library).

The chart above shows on the left hand scale that our actual figure for unemployment (number of claimants) has come steadily down from 2,470 to 1,195 over the last three years, or 1.9% against 2.5% nationally.

The blue line (using the right hand scale) shows the impact on our relative unemployment – with Gloucester improving from ranking 262nd out of 650 (where 1 is worst) to 383rd ie moving us from the bottom of the third quartile to above average in the second quartile (or over half way to the table).

It’s not quite as dramatic as Gloucester Rugby’s rise from 9th to 2nd in the Premier League table, but there’s a bit more competition…

What we don’t show on this chart is the most spectacular bit of all – the drop in youth unemployment from 990 in 2012 to 250 today, a drop of 75%. This in turn mirrors the rise in our apprenticeships. I’ll show those charts another day.

These stats won’t always continue to go on getting better, but show where we have come.

Our key strength is a variety of employers big and small, combined with a strong entrepreneurial appetite. We benefit from growth in cyber, health and care, nuclear energy, retail and f&b (Gloucester Quays) and all manufacturers, solid insurance and banking giants, growth in regeneration, construction and fitting out, and a huge number of start-ups. Diversity and exporting are key to our success. If Gloucester can continue on this track – and 2018 is our Year of Infrastructure – then we can carry on, like Gloucester Rugby, surprising on the upside…

All this success is down to creative Glosterpreneurs (supported by sensible government policies) and I am grateful to you all. What recent growth success story in business, public sector, charity or social enterprise in Gloucester would you like to highlight?

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Richard with Poeton apprentices