Gloucester MP supports Pension Provision for Life for Police Widows & Widowers

City MP Richard Graham has met with Police Minister Mike Penning to encourage him to consider the case for all police widows and widowers to get their widowed pension provision for life – even if they remarry or live with a new partner.

Richard said,”This is an issue of fairness.  Some police widows and widowers currently lose their pensions for life if they remarry or start living with a new partner. Changes were made in 2006 but they didn’t include everyone and this group is effectively prevented from re-marrying and having a complete family life unless they accept losing their widowed pension.

I don’t think those who lost their lives protecting our communities would want this – and now that my government has agreed changes for war widows and widowers it’s right that we do the same for the police. “

The Police Minister told the city MP that he was sympathetic to the argument and would consider it carefully.