Getting Gloucester Roads Right

2014 government and county council funded improvements to the Walls and C&G roundabouts made a real difference to drivers and now we’re doing the same at the Elmbridge Court roundabout and will do at the Over roundabout.

I also arranged for a delegation of Gloucestershire MPs and councillors to meet Roads Minister John Hayes about noise on the M5 close to Abbey residents. The minister agreed to resurface the road and plant more trees to reduce noise levels.

Cllr Andrew Gravells for Abbey, said:

“It was good to have the support of Richard Graham, and I’m so pleased that after all our hard work and campaigning for this, the project to produce a quieter M5 will now begin as soon as next March. This is great news all round.”

Cllr Keith Pearson for Upton St Leonards, said:

“Having been involved for over 14 years with this issue of noise in Upton St Leonards, I am extremely pleased that this work has been seen as important enough to bring forward earlier than originally planned. I thank the Roads Minister John Hayes and all the other MPs who have helped to get the issue resolved, the residents will be delighted I am sure.”

Meanwhile our county council has earmarked an extensive £2 million for potholes, which can be reported here:

My next priority is to sort the exit from the train station onto Bruton Way/Metz Way. I’m sure that this can be resolved, and getting the traffic flow right is vital for our city.