City MP Richard Graham is delighted that the government has agreed to resolve an historical injustice to police widows and widowers  

“I am delighted for police widows and widowers!” said Gloucester MP Richard Graham, after the Chancellor announced in the budget yesterday changes for police widows and widowers subject to the police pension’s regulations 1987. Currently all lose their pension if they remarry or cohabit, or keep their pension if they stay single. From now on they will no longer be penalised. This means that the government has accepted the case made by the Gloucester MP in a Westminster Hall debate 3 weeks ago for the government to respond positively to former PC Colin John Hall’s widow Cathryn Hall’s petition.

Richard said “the whole point of a long-term plan is that a stronger economy enables the government to improve people’s lives: and this righting of an historical injustice to about 900 police widows/widowers is a small but important example of social justice that we can afford. I am delighted for Cathryn, Sharon Jones, Julie Shadwick (Sharon and Julie are from Gloucestershire) and all the other widows and widowers affected”.


The details of the settlement will be announced by the Police Minister shortly.

 George Osbourne extract from the Budget 2015

“Talking about people who save lives, and who sometimes sacrifice their own life to do so, we will also correct the historical injustice to the spouses of police officers, firefighters, and members of the intelligence services who lose their lives on duty.”