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The Realities of Brexit

I hosted the Rt Hon Theresa May MP in Gloucester to talk about the ‘Realities of Brexit’. She said that a ‘vote to remain is a vote for our future’ and I agree. Afterwards I spoke to the BBC and the Gloucester Citizen, answering their questions about the EU Referendum. Here are some of my answers.

Apprenticeships Now and Then

Many of my younger constituents are sitting exams at the moment, and making big decisions about their futures. Some will go into apprenticeships, so it was particularly rewarding to hear from 87 year old Gordon Williams on his experience as an apprentice working in the new area of refrigeration in the Second World War.

History rhymes, but doesn’t repeat. Like today Gordon had to use his own initiative to approach the company that took him under its wing, but unlike today his father had to foot the bill – £20. That doesn’t seem like much, but after 70 years of inflation, it’d be nearer £800 today.

For Gordon, it was a worthy investment, providing him with a career that set him up for life and enabled him, in time, to give back to Gloucester as a City Councillor for many years.

I wish everyone good luck with their exams and hope that you can seize opportunities as Gordon seized them.

Helipebs Visit

Do watch my brief video on my visit to Elmbridge based company Helipebs, winners of a Queen’s Award for International Trade. Thanks to Geoff, Andy, Ron and all the team for hosting me.

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