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Happy Birthday Dave

This video highlights what Waste Operator Dave Newman does to increase recycling at the GRH. It’s a good story and one not very well known.

As it happens it was Dave’s birthday last Friday. He’s been working for 60 years and he’s 74, still working full time.

So do join me in congratulating Dave and appreciating his great enthusiasm for recycling – it would be a great birthday present for him to know how many people share his enthusiasm for it.

Belated Happy Birthday Dave!

Queens Award for Flexmort

Exciting day for Flexmort getting a Queens Award for Innovation from Dame Janet Trotter. What for? Watch:

The Realities of Brexit

I hosted the Rt Hon Theresa May MP in Gloucester to talk about the ‘Realities of Brexit’. She said that a ‘vote to remain is a vote for our future’ and I agree. Afterwards I spoke to the BBC and the Gloucester Citizen, answering their questions about the EU Referendum. Here are some of my answers.

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