Broadband: Superfast for all by 2020

Tolsey Gardens residents with Richard

The County Council has pledged to make sure that every single home in Gloucestershire has access to super-fast broadband by 2020 at the latest with almost £30 million invested already. 

Tolsey Gardens residents were connected in June after Richard ensured they were included in BT upgrade plans. County Councillor Dave Norman and city councillors Steve Morgan and Nigel Hanman said, “Some residents had such painfully slow internet speeds that they couldn’t pay online bills or send emails. For some, working from home was particularly frustrating.”

The new Universal Service Obligation (USO) was recently introduced to give businesses and households the legal right to request a broadband connection with speeds of at least 10 Megabits. Richard welcomed this alongside the second phase of Fastershire, the government funded scheme in the county (to check if your house will benefit check

Over 10,000 broadband connections in Gloucester are not getting the proposed minimum broadband download speed in the USO. So Richard joined over 57 colleagues from across political parties to co-sign the British Infrastructure Group of MPs’ (BIG) latest report, ‘Broadbad 2.0’.

Richard said, “the problem is we don’t know whether poor broadband speeds are due to homeowners being unable to order a faster service or the nationally mandated faster Internet simply not being available to their property. It’s time we knew, and so this report recommends changes to improve the quality of broadband customer services.”

Richard has also written to the Broadband Minister to urge measures to ensure all new builds are equipped with superfast broadband. He believes this is vital to meet the Government’s aim to connect all homes by 2020.

Richard said, “people move in to a house thinking it’ll have water, electricity, a landline phone and reliable broadband. People need broadband now to pay bills or work from home, which more and more people are doing. It’s an important aspect of a modern home and I’m glad that Tolsey Gardens has now been connected.”