BHS Joint Select Committee Questions

What does Parliament do when BHS goes bankrupt after being sold to a three times bankrupt individual with no retail experience, leaving 11,000 employees without jobs and 22,000 members of the pension scheme concerned about their pensions?

We’ve got a joint Select Committee enquiry (Business and Work & Pensions), which I’ve been asked to serve on for pensions experience. Last week we interviewed, amongst others, the Chairman of the holding company (Taveta) which owned BHS. You may be surprised to hear that Chairman Lord Grabiner claims not to have been invited to the Board meeting at which Taveta agreed to sell BHS, or even receive the papers for it. Nor does he seem to have been too bothered about this.

You may conclude that Lord Grabiner’s evidence (his written statement is also on the parliamentary website) amounts to ‘nothing to do with me, gov’. Was he fulfilling the responsibilities of a company director, let alone a Chairman, as required by the Companies Act?

Watch below or see all of the questions I asked here: